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The Pastoral Care Ministry is a community of care at Abundant Life for spiritual support and guidance. We exist to enrich the lives of those we touch through various aspects of ministry from celebrations of life and milestones to caring, guiding and counseling programs when troubles arise. We use Scriptural foundations and the examples that Jesus set as models in serving and caring for each other. We are here to help each person uncover Christ-centered methods and solutions in the Christian faith with restoration and wholeness in Jesus’ name. We care about you.

While the Pastoral Care Ministry does everything within our power to help anyone who come to us in need, some aspects of the ministry are reserved for Abundant Life Fellowship Church members, due to certain limitations. However, we make every effort to assist, provide referrals and find alternatives for everyone who contacts us, to the best of our abilities.

For more information on any of our Pastoral Care Ministry Teams, please call us at (856) 461-7000 or email us at [email protected]

Pastoral Care Services

Lay Counseling Team

The Pastoral Care Counseling Team provides hope, help, support and encouragement to individuals and families seeking guidance or experiencing difficulties in various areas of life including: marital and family relationships; grief, bereavement and loss; inner personal struggles; various life stresses and life-altering events. Through teaching, counseling and referral services we focus on helping you win using Biblically-based references and prayer in an open, genuine, and sympathetic manner.

Funeral Services

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ALFC is not currently hosting on-site funeral or memorial services. We will provide an update once this changes and resumes.


Our Pastoral Care Team provides spiritual and emotional support to our members in times of illness and crisis, where they may be shut-in or hospitalized. You do not have to walk this road alone. Are you in need of this ministry? Or do you know someone who is need in of visitation support? If so, please call the church office or email us.

Water Baptism

Abundant Life holds water baptisms during scheduled Sunday morning services for members, who have professed salvation by grace through the forgiveness of sin and are ready outwardly demonstrate their commitment to a consecrated life before God and man. Pre-baptism classes may be offered as needed. If you would like more information about being baptized please call the church office or email us.

Baby Dedications

A baby or child dedication is a Christian act of consecrating our children to the Lord and welcoming the baby to the church. As part of the ceremony, the parents and immediate family of the baby also participate by affirming their commitment to raising the child as a Christian in the ways of the Lord with love, care and nurturing. Baby dedications are available to the children of Abundant Life members.

For more information on our Pastoral Care Ministry or lay counseling services, please call us at (856) 461-7000 or email us at [email protected]

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