TOGETHER we can change lives… one family at a time.

The Abundant Life Food Bank has been in operation for 10 years. Our goal is to dramatically reduce hunger in our community. Every Wednesday, our food bank program serves a week’s worth of groceries — free of charge — to seniors and more than 100 families who have been affected by homelessness, low income, temporary economic hardship or unexpected catastrophic events.

Each week our volunteers transport and prepare items for distribution including canned and dry goods, breads, vegetables, meat, and beverages. It’s a lot of work, but our volunteers do this important work with with joy and great humor.

Recipients of our food bank offerings are treated with caring and dignity, in the spirit of Christian giving.

In 2009, the food bank received contributions from the Food Bank of South Jersey, Shoprite Partners in Caring, Panera Bread’s Day End Dough Nation Program, Wegmans’ Waste Not Want Not Program and Ready Pac Donations.

Together we are changing lives one family at a time!

For more information about our food bank, please call (856) 461-7000.