Welcome to Abundant Life Fellowship! This is a place where you can renew your relationship with God, make new friends, and grow deeper in your spiritual walk. – Pastor Aubrey and Lady Lisa Fenton

Abundant Life Fellowship: Mission Statement

To Excel in Loving, Learning, and Transforming!

  • We are to love God, love his people, love our enemies and love our neighbors as we love ourselves.
  • We are to learn what we need to learn in order to be blessed and successful people of faith.
  • We are to be God’s agents of transformation in our households and in our world.
  • Everything God wants to do for us, or through us will be accomplished by our excelling in Loving, Learning, and Transforming.

Abundant Life Fellowship: Vision Statement

As we fulfill the mission we expect to see the following:

  • A Multiplying number of believers actively loving and serving God.
  • Believers learning and doing God’s Word and becoming proficient in the skills and knowledge required for success in life.
  • Believers and their children becoming more joyful and successful as they engage the issues of life.
  • Believers equipped and encouraged to take the paradigm of Loving, Learning and Transforming wherever The Holy Spirit may direct.